Educational workshops

As the management of wealth becomes more complex, we're empowering investors to stay top of their game.

Thanks to demand from our family office network, we’ve launched our educational workshops. Our leading experts will cover areas including asset allocation, private assets, impact investing and art investment to keep you up-to-date with all the best practices and tools you need to manage family wealth.

Who should attend

Family members
Family officers

Wealth management:

Best practice for asset owners and family offices


London: 8&9 October 2019

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Asset allocation best practices and guidance for investing in private assets and art. Plus networking and discussion for family decision makers. Read more about our course content and leading trainers and speakers...

Sessions will run from 10:00 to 17.30 each day. There will be a cocktail evening on 8 October with networking with fellow asset owners, next-generation family leaders and single family officers.

Central London venue: Somerset House - King’s College London.

What you will gain from our workshop:
  • access to practical principles to decide on asset allocations
  • network with peers and top experts
  • access to user-friendly tools to analyse and construct strategies
  • academic environment
Trainers and speakers
Frans Peeters



Asset allocation throughout market cycles: pitfalls and best practices to match return objectives and risk constraints with a strategic asset mix.

Frans has worked as an asset manager for several institutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Monaco. Working for APG, among the world’s five largest pension funds, he was responsible for a multi-billion Euro equity portfolio. At Van Lanschot private bank, he was the director of their asset management department in Belgium. For UBS, he covered both Family Offices and UHNW individual clients. Today, he specialises in training courses with a focus on financial markets and assists families in ensuring the long-term sustainability of wealth.

Sandra Navidi


Keynote speaker

The networks of the financial elite

Bestselling author of "$uperHubs: How the Financial Elite and their Networks Rule Our World”, Sandra Navidi is also a consultant, attorney and former investment banker. She is an expert commentator on financial markets and an internationally-renowned speaker.

Stéphane Boudon


Keynote Speaker

How private assets (VC, PE, infrastructure and cleantech) can be diversifiers

Stéphane has extensive fund management experience. He has built, advised or managed 14 private equity funds and generated top financial returns and environmental benefits over decades. His two current companies (Akuo Investment Management which invests in solar and wind infrastructure and AIM Luxembourg, for institutional clients with transactions of €100m+) have structured deals for over 1.4bn worth of investment.

Marianne Magnin


Keynote speaker

Art and collectables as an asset class

With a background in art and finance, there’s no one better placed than Mariane to discuss art as an investment. She is UK Managing Director at Arteïa and the founder of The Cornelius Arts Foundation, a charity committed to understanding (and expanding) the transformative power of art.

Jeremy Green


Keynote speaker

Jeremy Green is the UK Team Head of Agreus, a specialist recruiter and advisor for Family Offices globally. He started life in the city as an FX Broker back in the days before the Euro existed, when trades were conducted by “Open Outcry” and the phrase “My word is my bond”, truly meant something and was honoured by all. With the reduction of traded currencies and consequently the consolidation of Brokers, he took the opportunity to move into recruitment within the Private Wealth space, eventually becoming a Partner in the business. He was subsequently approached by two former colleagues who established Agreus as a specialist Family Office recruitment company and asked to join the business where he now heads up the London team.