Why Finlight?

Finlight.com is the only independent platform designed by experienced family officers for family officers.

Finlight.com was founded to make light work of family officers’ heaviest tasks to get the right information at the right timeto support any recommendation about risk suitability, asset allocation, manager selection, and portfolio management.

Finlight.com is indeed committed to providing a way for any family officer to minimise downside risks without compromising upsides in a fragmented information environment.

To deliver such a promise, Finlight.com was built in order to address family offices’ three most important challenges effectively:

  • Have all principals aligned on the investment strategy in an explicit way that takes each Principal’s specific requirements into account. As such, Finlight.com's risk budgeting and asset allocation analysis tools serve as an excellent base to create a consensus among Principals without compromising their own preferences.
  • Find reliable non-vested teams’ partners to manage workload. Finlight,com reduces the need for extra human support to get the right strategic information at the right time. Finlight.com actually removes all the cumbersome tasks. By collating data from multiple, scattered sources, it also eliminates biases in information.
  • Minimise operational complexities to manage portfolios. By enabling a plug-and-play solution with an Excel add-on and flexible web-based tools, family officers do not have to worry about any integration any more. Confidential data is stored where family officers want, be it locally or on our secure cloud servers. The rest is maintained automatically to have accurate views at any time.

No money transfers. Assets stay with any preferred providers and brokers. Finlight.com will very simply ensure that there is nothing to worry about.

A very unique tool that no intermediary, data provider or software providers can offer.

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