DRAASTIC Technology

Dual Risk Asset Allocation with Strategic and Tactical Implementation Capability. We created this engine following our years-long investment experience.

Harnessing Market Expertise

Our cutting edge technology assesses risk across all asset classes, 9,000 funds, ETFs and managers, ringencing your curating a bespoke investment portfolio that meets your needs and minimises your risks, as well as capturing upsides.

Risk estimation

Goes beyond the usual lognormal assumption, by using non-parametric short-term measurements (Historical Value-at-Risk) over 1 year.

Robust Risk Scoring

We use robust risk-return metrics to calculate risk scoring that helps you decide how to invest your money for the best return.

Estimate Your Return

Our dynamic estimation system collects data from across global financial markets, so that you can make informed investment decisions without taking on excess risk.

Design Your Portfolio

Easy to use tools and visuals mean you can design an investment portfolio with a maximum expected return in mind.


With constant monitoring of the market, we can help you switch your investments to protect you from fluctuations and benefit from positive shifts.