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How Finlight helps Ind Consultants.

A platform with all the tools to assist you in fulfilling my mission without any operational constraints when managing your clients’ assets. Stress tests and scenario analysis, find anything which could derail your performance.


This is something that helps us keep track of all the movements within our portfolio/s. We do not need to be scrambling for information and wasting time trying to chase up managers and colleagues, everything is here in our dashboard. With Finlight we can drill down to find the information we are looking for to make sure the decisions we want to make are backed up by quantifiable data.


Ability to drill down

See all your assets in one place allowing you to drill down and find out what could derail my performance, you can do this per portfolio or across all assets.

Test ideas to understand their impact

Use this set of tools to test ideas and understand the impact they will have on your portfolio if executed. Look at things such as change in oil prices, changes in exchange rates, change in equity prices... and see the combined impact all of those scenarios will have on your portfolio. Use this analysis as your sounding board to executions.

Calibrate positions

Helping you to calibrate your portfolio/s to make sure that the position size and risk budget you have chosen deliver your desired output/results.


Central information recipients

Get portfolio related news delivered straight to your inbox, alerting you of anything which may affect your portfolios. Also, receive order notifications about order status and make sure your managers have received all the documentation needed from you. Helping you manage relationships with all stakeholders and showing you the patterns in your data, making sure you do not miss a thing.


Automate decision implimentation

Let us help you to automate as much of your workflow as possible so that you can focus on your core job. We will assist you in finding the correct decision while keeping a trail of your specific moves so when the time comes to report all you have to do is send the report from our platform.

Use Cases

See how Finlight is helping asset allocators create seemless workflows for their businesses.

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