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How Finlight helps The Head of Risk.

One central platform to give me a 360-degree view of all my assets. This gives me the ability to make sure we have no unknown risks that could have adverse reputational and fiduciary impacts. With Finlight I can manage positive change in a complex environment.


I can now have one consolidated view of all my assets with a 360-degree view, with an integrated data flow so there is no need for manual updates anymore. These tools allow people such as Risk managers to have all the ins and outs of their assets, team, beneficial owners or principals under one roof. Allowing you to drill down and find out what needs attention without waiting for problems to arise, before Finlight we were not able to do this with such simplicity.


A 360° view

Now you can integrate all your data feeds into our platform so that it can be automatically updated and you do not have to deal with anymore tedious manual updates. Keep track of all of your decisions and moves so that you can use them to support the board in making decisions more efficiently.


Benchmark the quality of providers and internal fund managers

Keep track of all your positions and see which providers or internal fund managers are performing compared to your benchmarks. You may use this proof to increase performance and strengthen relationships between you and your stakeholders.


Ability to drill down

See all your assets in one place, have the ability to drill down and find out what could derail my performance. Now you are able to do this per portfolio or across all assets to see what needs your attention.

Use Cases

See how Finlight is helping asset allocators create seemless workflows for their businesses.

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