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How Finlight helps Family asset supervisors.

I can now be unquestionable when making suggestions as the Finlight toolkit allows me to keep up to date with the latest insights to be unquestionable, to avoid change where possible and to spend time building the relationships that matter to the business.


I can arrive at work, check the news, markets and my investment performance on one simple interface. Access individual portfolios to look at which positions generate or derail my values so I can make a call on what to do next. Now there is no need to worry about spending time gathering and checking data, I just access my dashboard and get the insights I need. I am able to spend my time building my business relationships, saving on fees and lowering my frustrations.


News, markets and investment performance

With one glance at your dashboard, you are now able to see your investment performance as well as your daily newsfeed on portfolio and market-related news, keeping you informed and up to date on all the latest insights.


Check clients cash positions

Link multiple banks to your dashboard so that at any given time you can glance at your positions to see how they are performing. Now you can prevent multiple calls to your banker and save on fees.


Look at positions that generate or derail values

See all your assets in one place and have the ability to drill down and find out what could derail my performance, you are able to do this per portfolio or across all assets using our toolkit.

Use Cases

See how Finlight is helping asset allocators create seemless workflows for their businesses.

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