How does Finlight help a Head of Risk?


Finlight’s asset management software gives a 360-degree view across all your assets in one centralised location. It gives you the ability to spot risks that could potentially have an adverse reputational and fiduciary impact on your business. With Finlight, you can manage positive change in a complex environment.

With an integrated data flow, there is no need for manual updates. You can now have one consolidated view of all your assets. The tools allow risk managers to have all information about their assets, team, beneficial owners or principals in one single location. It also lets you drill down and find out what needs attention without waiting for problems to arise.


Better risk control management

You can integrate all your data into our platform so that it can be automatically updated. You no longer have to deal with manual tasks, potentially impacting your productivity, performance, customer satisfaction or revenue. You can keep track of your portfolio allocations, allowing you to support your board better and make decisions more efficiently.

Improve stakeholder relationships

You can keep track of all your positions and see how providers or internal fund managers are performing compared to your benchmarks. You can also use our peers benchmarking tool to increase performance and strengthen relationships between you and your stakeholders.

Reduce operational risks

You can view all your assets in one location, allowing you to drill down and find out what could derail your performance. You can do this for each portfolio or across all assets, giving you insights on what requires your attention.

Use Cases

See how Finlight is helping asset allocators create seemless workflows for their businesses.