Family Officers

We consolidate and update all asset reporting data for you automatically, so that you can evaluate and select the right investment vehicles that align with your goals and risk targets.

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How Finlight adds value

Finlight’s asset management software centralises all your assets and liabilities in one single location, assessing the impact of decisions on hitting your goals. You benefit from improved workflow and increased productivity, resulting in better decision making.

Investment executives using Finlight’s software have significantly improved their workflow, performance and decision-making capabilities. It has helped many Family Officers hit targets and construct robust portfolios, which wouldn’t have been possible without Finlight’s advanced asset management software.


Cost savings

You can reduce fees by centralising all your assets in a single place. You no longer have to integrate multiple and costly tools or rely on expensive consultants.

Unparalleled security

Your data is stored in a Swiss FINMA-certified data centre or locally on your system.

Good governance

We bring transparency to your business and are fully independent. We have no vested interest in your transactions.


You can spend less time on tedious and manual tasks and more time investing.

Tailored for families

We offer a digitally interactive platform for Family Officers and family principals to discuss and analyses portfolios amongst themselves.

Expand your knowledge base

You can enrol in our workshops and be part of our community of peers and experts.

Asset consolidation processes are always systematically better with Finlight.

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