07 February 2019

Why financial engineering is at the heart of what we do

2019 promises yet more market volatility. This means your investment tools will need to work harder than ever before. In a sea of technology platforms, it can be difficult to assess which ones suit your needs best.

Here’s the lowdown on what we do and why we’re different. We were established by family officers, born from their frustration with the tools that they were using and the burden of operational tasks distracting them from their core role.

Finlight strives to cover all of family offices’ needs whilst accurately comparing disparate data, eliminating information bias and reducing the length of the decision chain. There’s our risk management analysis and strategic asset allocation platform (the “front office tools”), the AI-driven due diligence bot and a collaborative tool to help align a family’s principals on investment strategies. We are also building a networking and advice community for family offices, where you can discuss with your peers or seek advice from specialist experts. We have fifteen expert partners on board so far, [get in touch](/contact) if you’d like to be involved.

In an environment that is noted for its lack of quantitative skills, we bring them to the fore. Yves Coignard, our CTO who heads up a tech team of five, has his first degree in statistics, his PhD in Applied Mathematics, and 25 years’ quantitative asset management experience. Yves talks more about quantitative finance and financial engineering:

“Quantitative finance is not a bulletproof investment strategy but a set of tools that help investors and fund managers keep their heads clear when the markets get rough. As soon as you need to take constraints into account in your investment strategy, financial engineering is the tool you need. Be it protection of capital or accounting constraints, you’re always better off if you make those constraints part of the strategy.”

“We, at Finlight, know that our clients have many such needs and constraints, that’s why we have put financial engineering at the heart of our product. Growing capital for the next generation while limiting the downside is frequently their primary goal.”

Finlight has been described as a virtual quant assistant for family officers. We want to equip family officers for the volatility ahead giving them the information to make the best decisions and offering some constancy and predictability. [Find out more by taking a demo .](https://meetings.hubspot.com/jb-tanqueray/30-minutes-demo)

Asset consolidation processes are always systematically better with Finlight.

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