Finlight - Press release Finlight announces partnership with TaxScouts
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Press release Finlight announces partnership with TaxScouts

JB Tanqueray

31 August, 2021

Press release: Finlight announces partnership with TaxScouts

LONDON, 7 July 2021 -- Finlight, an asset consolidation software on a mission to automate total asset consolidation in any format needed, has partnered with TaxScouts. This collaboration protects clients’ wealth by providing tax guidance and making tax preparation effortless.

What is Finlight?

Finlight enables frictionless and accurate total asset consolidation in any format 24/7, with all non-bankable and physical asset data included, protecting their clients better than existing banking interfaces. Leveraging advanced technologies, Finlight helps family offices and institutional investors manage their assets more effectively, enabling them to understand their portfolio data better.

By lowering the operational costs and risks for clients through extracting, populating and aggregating complex institutional portfolios, Finlight generates higher net returns for its users.

Thanks to their integration with hand-picked and complementary analytical and peer-benchmarking tools, Finlight enables its users to enrich portfolio insights with zero complexity further, helping them produce high-quality investment reports efficiently and securely.

About the partnership

TaxScouts is a simple, quick and jargon-free personal tax service that combines automation with certified accountants.

Through this collaboration, Finlight reduces the complexity and risks involved for their clients to file tax returns easily. By offering this service, clients will benefit from a fully online service with professional support in tax returns preparation from certified TaxScouts accountants, providing substantial time savings for clients to focus on their core priorities.

"Every year, over 12 million people in the UK go through the ordeal of tax preparation. Over £20 billion in tax reliefs and refunds goes unclaimed and huge sums are paid in late penalties every year. But here at TaxScouts, we want to change this culture of stress and dread around tax returns. We believe that tax returns should be as easy as buying a pair of socks, which is why we're thrilled to have teamed up with Finlight and to be able to make taxes simple for their clients," says Oliver Harcourt, VP Growth of TaxScouts.

“Finlight is dedicated to helping our clients get everything they need in one place to manage and report on assets, including tax reporting. Thus, partnering with TaxScouts benefits our individual users with enhanced client-servicing quality where they can manage all their assets effortlessly and painlessly,” says JB Tanqueray, CEO and Co-Founder of Finlight.

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