Finlight - Press release Finlight announces partnership with Arkhineo
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Press release Finlight announces partnership with Arkhineo

JB Tanqueray

09 June, 2021

Press release: Finlight announces partnership with Arkhineo

LONDON, May 12, 2021 -- Finlight, a portfolio consolidation software for family offices, is now integrated with Arkhineo’s Electronic Archiving System. This collaboration provides ensured data security and integrity for Finlight’s clients.

What is Finlight?

Finlight makes money management more effective by lowering the operational costs and risks for clients through extracting, populating and aggregating complex institutional portfolios, resulting in higher net returns for its users.

Finlight enables its users to further enrich portfolio insights thanks to their integration with hand-picked and complementary analytical and peer-benchmarking tools, without any of the usual technological complexity or costly project management.

About the partnership

Finlight partners with Arkhineo, a solution of Docaposte Group, to ensure the long-term retention of electronic documents with legal value.

With the integration of Arkhineos' Electronic Archiving System, Finlight provides a secure yet flexible portfolio consolidation software that meets clients' security needs. By offering this service, clients will benefit from increased data security, accessibility and integrity, and an eIDAS qualified validation and preservation service for qualified electronic signature.

"The financial sector requires high data security. By partnering with Finlight, we can offer a solution that meets the long-term retention requirements for banking and investment documents. Furthermore, through this partnership, Arkhineo strengthens its international presence and expertise,” says Charles du Boullay (General Director of the Digital Archiving BU of Docaposte Group).

“We are here to ensure our clients can own and utilise their data in the safest yet most flexible fashion. Integrating with Arkhineo specialised in safekeeping documents with legal value is, therefore, a key partner to work with,” says JB Tanqueray, CEO and Co-Founder of Finlight.

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