Finlight - Partnering with IBO for transparent portfolio performance
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Partnering with IBO for transparent portfolio performance

JB Tanqueray

07 December, 2020

Partnering with IBO for transparent portfolio performance

Want to know how Finlight’s turnkey solution improves your portfolio management in real-time?

We are partnering with Investment by Objectives to provide clients with robust, actionable insights on portfolio performance, helping clients make more rapid decisions that are truly aligned with their risk budgets. Through this strategic partnership, Finlight opens the way to scale and acceleration, allowing clients to evaluate their portfolio performance more accurately and effectively, while managing their risks to remain resilient in the current era with unprecedented changes.

Read our interview with Nicholas Hochstadter, Founder of Investment by Objectives, about Performance Watcherby IBO

What is Performance Watcher by IBO ?

Performance Watcher is a platform to evaluate the quality of the returns of real portfolios, according to their risk budgets, by comparing their results against others with the same risk profile. On the platform, we have so far gathered several thousand portfolios in a completely anonymous manner, which by aggregating their performances, have enabled us to produce highly representative indices. We have classified them into three categories: low risk, mid risk and high risk - depending on the objectives of the portfolios. That's the gist of it. Also, Performance Watcher is available on the web and mobile phones and includes various functionalities that enhance the monitoring of the management of these portfolios. It includes alert systems as well as reporting templates to extract information of higher quality.

What’s the goal?

Performance Watcher places transparency at the heart of their business. It's a kind of contract of trust between a portfolio manager and his/her client. Performance Watcher is indeed a showcase for portfolio managers who have chosen to reinforce service quality, seek of performance, risk control and reliability. By agreeing to compare themselves to their peers, they can speak very positively to their clients. They do not promise future performance, but they are doing their utmost to achieve the best results for their clients. Performance Watcher is committed to evaluate portfolio performance more effectively and transparently while building more long-lasting client relationships. This is what I think is most important. Via Performance Watcher, managers and their clients can seamlessly share simple, concrete, measurable and understandable information among themselves, facilitating a very objective discussion on the quality of portfolio management. There is almost no room for interpretation.

What inspired you to launch it?

Our own family office manages my family's assets. As part of this management process, our principle is to allocate our financial assets into several portfolios, entrusted to different managers. Fifteen years ago, we wanted to have a more analytical view of the performance generated. We wanted a simple tool that controls asset management and checks whether the returns obtained were in line with the risk budgets set beforehand. Having led banking projects of this type, I have developed my own digital solution. The heritage of my family and those of close relatives were the first to join this participatory platform.

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