Finlight - Interview with our CEO on IBO partnership
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Interview with our CEO on IBO partnership

JB Tanqueray

26 February, 2020

Interview with our CEO on IBO partnership

Our strategic partnership with Investment by Objectives (IBO) enables family offices and institutional investors to manage their portfolios more transparently by comparing their portfolio performance against their peers while being aligned with their risk targets. Integrating with IBO’s advanced peers benchmarking metrics, together, we help clients produce strong investment results while mitigating risks, supporting and maintaining their competitive edge in the investment sector. Read the interview with our Founder & CEO, JB, to see how this partnership benefits our clients and transforms the industry into a better place.

1. Why are you interested in working with IBO?

I met Nicholas a little while ago via a mutual connection. We both passionately share the vision of making our sector more effective and transparent for the end-investors. As such, in this work of connected ecosystems, it would be a shame not to help each other scale our efforts.

2. What elements of IBO's solution makes the integration between Finlight and IBO powerful?

IBO benchmark private banks against one another with a focus on managed mandates. For that matter, IBO computes visual indicators to reflect whether a manager does less well or better than its peers. Furthermore, it can compute how well a mandate manager uses the risk budget agreed with his or her clients. Such information is very compelling for asset owners when reviewing their consolidated assets through Finlight. We will use these metrics for our peers' benchmark to see how well, the community as a whole, behaves

3. How does this strategic partnership help Finlight address the current challenges in the industry and advance Finlight's core mission?

It provides value adding and actionable indicators on one's value add for a family office or an asset owner.

4. How do Finlight and IBO add value to each other's business?

Firstly, we become ambassadors for one another. In a world driven by connection, this a great added value. Secondly, we complement each other: We help investors consolidate their assets by processing the static pdf reports they receive. From there, IBO benchmarks the overall equity mandates' management quality. This enables our clients to gain additional insights through our single dashboard.

5. How does this partnership transform your clients' digital experience or impact the wider investment industry?

It enhances our clients' digital experience as they can now access all the relevant information they need from one place. It also removes the need to switch platforms, but more importantly, it simplifies access to new indicators, creating greater transparency for the entire sector.

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