Technology should empower investors. That’s why our platform saves you time and eliminates mundane tasks, reduces costs and delivers transparency and control. Tech also connects you, like never before, with your peers and experts in their fields.
Our mission is to enable you to make better investment decisions with our platform, our educational workshops and through our network of experts and peers.

End-investor focused
End-investor focused

We aggregate and cross-check
information from multiple sources. This
lowers fees and removes intermediary


Your data is stored in a FINMA-certified
Swiss datacentre, or locally on your

Created by institutional investors
Created by institutional investors

Frustrated with the the limitations of existing
tools, high consultancy fees and the
burden of operational tasks.

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    All your assets in one place

    We collect, aggregate and verify data to deliver a holistic view of the Net Asset Value of your financial and non-financial assets. Drill down further on the interactive dashboard and run reports. We’ll work with you to build your own dashboard to suit your investment requirements.

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    Benchmarking and risk

    Our forward-looking analytics enable you to determine your risks and model your optimum asset allocation. You decide what is key to measure and we can include ESG criteria. Find out how you perform in relation to your peers and the market.

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    Smart fund manager selection

    We make fund assessment and monitoring easy. Our due diligence bot researches and profiles funds and our community can back up your selection decisions.

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    Get networked

    Whether you want to co-invest or need a sounding board, we’ll connect you with peers and our leading partners and our experts.

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    Avance your knowledge

    Our educational workshops with leading trainers and speakers are for family members, NextGen, family officers and trustees. Upskill or learn a new skill, share ideas and network. Our latest worksops

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    Experts on hand

    As the wealth management world becomes more complex, you can find yourself working on projects that lie outside your area of expertise. Whether you need legal, tax or property advice, this is where our network of vetted experts can help. Ask our experts