Why, until now, no investment provider cares about talking to Ms & Mr Individual Investor!

The most ironic thing is that, when buying a financial product, individual investors' needs are not taken into consideration. They believe you are just interested in return and market timing. All the commercial prose is all about the provider, not you!

Variable investment, constant risk?

When you invest sequentially, meaning month by month, how to keep your risk constant? This articles demonstrates that you should worry to keep it constant in money terms and not percentage terms and what it implies in terms of risk selection at each period.

Are ETFs the Panacea

Lots of review favour ETFs as the low cost solutions investors should aim. But is it really the case? ETFs bear risks investors are neither disclosed nor remunerated for...

Press review

Investors willing to invest like big institutions?

What is a good asset allocation?

How to make sure that an asset allocation is the right one for you?

Any financial hygiene to stick to?

Believing that others are better than you to decide how to invest your money paves the way for abuse. But is there any rule of thumb to stick to, to manage your investments independently

Why Investing’s Supposed to Bring me a Good Return on Investment?

Why investing should not be discarded as option to make your money work for you

A new efficiency driver

Productivity is a major challenge for modern day family offices and independent advisers. Regulatory constraints and investment selection costs have soared for the right reasons: customers protection. Thus how can technology help solve this without adding any operational complexity but rather freeing up time to focus on what they are best at?

Looking to manage a windfall?

Just received an extra lump of money. What to do with it?

The markets are down 20%, what should I do? Nothing!

Or close enough to nothing. Why? Not because we know that the rebound starts tomorrow (nobody knows that), but because selling after a bear market is a good way to lose money (as well as buying after a bull market).