Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. We’ve compiled this list of FAQs to help you navigate the FINLIGHT.COM experience and to get the most from our tools and program. If you still have questions after reading these, feel free to send us an email or connect with your financial concierge.


Getting started is easy and fun! You’re just a few minutes away from augmenting your decision process.

First, head to the homepage and click on Register. Then, enter your name, surname, and email address.

Next, check your email account and open our welcome email. (It can sometimes be caught in the spam folder, so do check there if you don’t see it).

From there, you’ll be asked to follow the easy steps listed within the email to confirm your account and fill out profile.

If you don’t see your welcome email within 24 hours of requesting your invitation, check your SPAM folder. If it’s in there, mark the FINLIGHT.COM email as a favourite and add the email address to your contacts so that you never miss another email from us.

If you’re still not seeing it, send us a note on the Contact Us page and we’ll work with you to get you on your way to making light of your heaviest tasks so that you focus on your core expertise.

The risk budgeting is assessed through the cash flow planning component. It seeks to derive the maximum risk you can take to have a 99% certainty of getting back the amount of capital you need to fund your Principal’s future liabilities.

In general, it’s usually said that the younger someone is, the more risk tolerant they are and they more aged, the less risk tolerant. But this is by no means a hard and fast rule! Indeed, someone with excess cash can be more risk tolerant than someone who needs access to these funds in case of financial emergencies.

Still need some clarification? Not to worry, check out our article on risk tolerance and its more explicit “loss aversion” application.

Once you have a question about planning and investing, please use our on-line assistant to ask your questions. Our online assistant is the icon you see, circled in blue, on the bottom right side of your screen.

Questions you submit will be directly sent to one of the FINLIGHT.COM financial concierges.

If you have questions or want to connect with an expert, feel free to do so! They’re there to help you, on-demand. technology is extremely flexible and adapt to any custodian reporting.

All portfolio management alerts can be turned into pre-filled order that can either be email, lettre or uploaded on your order management system. Our consultants will make iot work for you as part of the on-boarding.

We’re glad you’ve asked!

FINLIGHT.COM is a revolutionary SaaS suite of tools that supports your decision-making system. This way you are in absolute control and calling the shots while benefiting from technological advances to simplify your operational framework. However, our smart-algorithm gives you the tools and suggestions to make decisions tailored for you—without you having to do a ton of work.

We have developed a proprietary algorithm which allows our technology to better meet your needs. You are offered with 4 independent however complementary options. Firstly, the financial planning risk tool to derive the optimal risk budget. Secondly, the asset allocation module to choose the asset mix that best serves your goal for the selected risk budget. Thirdly, the fund filtering tool to identify eligible managers whom you can further due diligence with our due diligence bot. As you continue to use the platform and make trading decisions, our technology will get to know you better, and thus offer more tailored suggestions.


As family office practitioners, we noticed that family offices tend to sit at the end of the information chain. Very dependent on banking partners to timely source ideas and obtain market data whose neutrality is subject to additional checks.

Furthermore, none of the providers supply the same information in the same format, which requires extra hours of work to consolidate them.

Then comes the sourcing of quantitative and qualitative data to blend together into actionable due diligence. And to make it all the more frustrating, none of the existing tools are geared for family offices but rather for banks and asset managers.

As such 80% of the time is spent on 20% of the value family officers generate. So much cause of stress and frustration.

This is what we want to kill because such a level of cumbersome tasks is not worth a family officer’s time whose value lie in finding the right investment at the right time.

Our vision is to create a platform that enables transparency and reduces inefficiencies in the marketplace. We aim to do this with our flagship asset allocation engine “The Personal Finance Assistant”, our “Education Project” available on our website and finally by being able to rate an asset manager on an open forum. Essentially, the vision is to create the first institutional toolbox geared for family officers then augment it with optional networking among like-minded family officers

There are many so-called competitors that claim to help investors, but which suffer from the same old problems:
• Being yet another asset manager and so adding to an already confusing choice
• Selling past performance as if they could replicate it in the future
• Claiming to be cheap while not disclosing their total cost of investing (known as their total expense ratio)

Firstly, we are the first platform to give you the tools the professionals use so that you can decide for yourself. Nothing complex, complicated or scary. Just give it a go. Technology is here to help so let's use and enjoy it.

Secondly, we focus on transparency: there are no hidden costs. While many will claim this, in reality, there are often hidden costs which all add up over time. To compare and see how we do really differ, check our cost comparison table.

Thirdly, we are the first to put the asset managers directly in front of you. You can rate them, send them comments and ask them questions so that they work better for you.

In short, they are asset managers. We are NOT: we are a toolbox provider with an optional social network.

We are here to help people find a mix of asset managers that together offer the best package for your investment needs, whether it is capital preservation, growth or income.

Roboadvisers do a brilliant job updating the business of a wealth manager to an online model. They actually are portfolio managers picking products made by others. They make philosophical bets and discretionary decisions on the direction that they expect the markets to take. We do not do that. This is not our job. You deserve better.

They bring wealth management to the masses. We offer you an easy way to take overall control of your investments, allowing you to choose how your money is invested, and with whom, matching your overall investment profile to your personal circumstances and allowing tight control over the crucial area of costs.

Our aim is to build a solid and trustworthy business based on a free-to-try service. We charge subscription and account handling fees. Our fees in no way depend on what we recommend.