Family offices

Regardless of principals’ or beneficial owners’ objectives, family offices have the responsibility to define an operating memorandum that scale costs, enable flexibility and preserve resilience. They also have to manage family assets and hand it over to the next generation or to a cause that is important to the asset owner.

Why Finlight?

Family offices with the digital simplicity they need to monitor all assets, produce advanced reporting, control risks and make better investment decisions, all from one place.

Often, many use external providers such as banks, investment consultants and data vendors. This requires compiling multiple data points from various sources to meet beneficial owners’ needs and requirements, which is a time-consuming task that requires a technological solution that is flexible, affordable and customisable.

While family offices are overserved when it comes to idea generation and investment selection, they are underserved when it comes to using technological tools to build a robust, long term strategy and report on asset performance.

Finlight’s asset management software is designed for family offices. It leverages technology and the power of community by turning reports into actionable insights and speeds up due diligence by using artificial intelligence and a network of trusted peers. You can share knowledge through our community of peers, industry partners and vetted experts, helping you to preserve wealth for generations to come.

What are the benefits for family offices?

Harmonised data

Centralised and harmonised data is crucial in making informed decisions for your clients. If you are relying on manual processes for gathering data from lots of different sources before manually drawing up reports, there is an increased chance of human error entering the equation.

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Exchange and scale knowledge

Our automated peers benchmarking tool allows you to compare with and learn from your peers. It is fully anonymous and considers the aggregate Finlight community of family offices investments as a reference for institutional investments.

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You can reduce fees by centralising all your assets in a single place. You no longer have to integrate multiple and costly tools or rely on expensive consultants.

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Highly secured

We safeguard that your sensitive data is stored securely in our servers with our FINMA regulated partner in Switzerland. The data, client information and calculation servers are separate.

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Asset consolidation processes are always systematically better with Finlight.

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