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Are banks your best friends?

Banks are fundamentally important economic players that everyone needs. However, a sensible private client must have a form of control. Here’s why…

New research: best practice in succession planning

It is the number one issue when it comes to family governance: how to equip the next generation to take the reins of the business. And rightly so, the ‘rule of 92’ holds that 92% of a family’s wealth is lost by the third generation. So you know you need a viable succession plan, but what is the best way of protecting the business?

A transatlantic view

I’ve just come back from a very interesting week in the US. First stop was Silicon Valley which included attendance at the excellent MorningStar Plug and Play event. Invited by the Head of Fintech at MorningStar, we showcased Finlight to family offices and end-investors.

Why financial engineering is at the heart of what we do

2019 promises yet more market volatility. This means your investment tools will need to work harder than ever before. In a sea of technology platforms, it can be difficult to assess which ones suit your needs best.

Top tips for reporting

It’s that time of year: January heralds a return to the gym, a healthy eating regime and...reporting. If you’re wading through Excel spreadsheets - as family officers ourselves we’ve been there! - check out our top five Excel hacks.

Philanthropy: scaling your impact

Climate change and environmental degradation, inequality, poverty, food and water insecurity, lack of education, inadequate healthcare provision - philanthropy plays a key role in tackling the biggest challenges that the world faces today. These are monumental issues and wealthy families are thinking suitably big. From the Gates Foundation reducing child mortality to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s pledge to cure, prevent or manage all diseases by the end of the century.