Our Values


Security & Confidentiality

We rank S&C as our highest priority. Our servers are in Switzerland, with a FINMA regulated partner. Data, client information and calculation servers are separate. We have a top web security partner and a 2 form authentication process.


Integrity & Independence

We are all committed to the highest standards of ethics. We believe independence is essential to ensure our interests align with those of our clients.



We are passionate about investors, technology, finance and education. We are committed to serving our clients with excellence.


ESG/Diversity & Inclusion

We promote gender equality and cultural differences, so that everyone in the team feels appreciated. We want to be a low carbon-based WealthTech service provider.



Our revenue streams are transparent and there are no hidden fees.

Asset consolidation processes will never be simpler, faster nor more accurate than with Finlight. Learn more about how we bring your financial capabilities to the next-level.

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