Meet our Team

Jean-Bernard (JB) Tanqueray


Jean-Bernard has over 20 years experience in Institutional portfolio management. He spent the last 10 years advising and building single-family offices dedicated to ultra-high-net-worth individuals in the UK, US, and Europe. As a financial economist passionate about investment selection risk, he cannot tolerate the fact that thousands be mislead by over salesy prose used by intermediaries whose value add is, in most cases, left to be proven. His motto is technology is here to empower people, not to repackage the same old crap.

Calista Quintalti


Our marketing leader, Calista checks that everything is crystal clear, simple and actionable to ensure the greatest benefits for the users. 8 years of digital marketing & communication. Obsessed with creating connections: right people, right time, right place.

Theebak Sothilingam

Director, Technology

Theebak has over 8 years of experience in full-stack development, data science, and actuarial mathematics. He is excited to develop innovative, highly secure, and AI driven technology for SYB clients.