Pension funds & institutional

The spotlight is on transparency within pension funds. There are the new UK rules on disclosure of ESG risks as well as the much-discussed inherent conflict of interests of investment consultants.

We launched Finlight to bring transparency to investment management. Having worked as family officers and institutional investors, we were frustrated with the system. Using tech and the power of community, we’ve built a platform for pension funds and asset owners. We transform reports into actionable insights, speed up due diligence using AI and a network of trusted peers, and democratise knowledge through our network of peers, leading partners and vetted experts.

Benefits for pension funds & institutional investors
Cost savings

Cut fees by using one data feed and reduce your reliance on expensive consultants.

Good governance

We bring transparency. We’re independent and have no vested interest in your transactions.

ESG reporting

Customised risk reporting including environmental, social and governance.

Our unparalleled security

Your data is stored in a Swiss FINMA-certified data centre or locally on your system.


Spend less time on manual tasks and more time investing.

Expand your knowledge base

Enroll in our workshops and join our community of peers and experts.