Augmenting family office power

Family offices need new skills and tools to serve Next-Gens' increasingly varied needs in an increasingly complex environment. Finlight exists to solve this.

Only Next-Gen-friendly family offices will thrive in the future. Since 60% of NextGen say they are unhappy with current family office services, it is time for family offices to act. As of today, family offices cannot achieve this as they either need to use multiple tools together, revert to Excel or banking statements whose limitations frustrate too many clients. They now have Finlight, built for diligent family officers by diligent family officers. Finlight is the only turn-key solution that provides family offices with the tools and skilled community they need to support their business and retain Next-Gens, without any hurdles. Finlights three pillars are:

Connect multiple data sources

Strong operational platform

Connect all your data sources into the platform to alleviate the issue of having to work on multiple platforms and documents, giving you a consolidated view of all portfolios. It is a simple plug and play system, no IT skills are required, giving you the time to focus on your daily tasks and let us help you solve 90% of the breaks in data. To construct a portfolio is simple, just upload an Excel or PDF report and your portfolio will be built as well as kept up to date with any movements.

Build your own custom dashboard

Versatile tools

Get more value out of static reports with our tools. Identify key risk drivers, benchmark your management quality and analyse scenarios to asses your risks and trade-offs. You do not have to spend a premium on platforms which do not fit your operating model or are unable to handle your asset class. Now you can customise your dashboard to suit your own unique needs.

Build your own custom dashboard
Join the Finlight community

Network Expertise

No family office can internalise all the skills it needs. They need to manage complex portfolios by using third-party intermediaries in a way that does not protect independence nor eliminate their conflicts of interest, Finlight can help you solve this problem. We are community-driven with one shared goal: increase transparency by sharing and collectively improving best practices. This way, through the Finlight network, you will always be able to find the very skills you need among trusted members. The benefit is to protect confidentiality and access to top skills in the most trustworthy and independent format.


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