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Institutionalise your VC & PE fund

We structure funds above $50M so GPs can raise from international LPs

Unlocking private markets with onshore funds

Regulatory bulletproof structures

Offshore is dead, an EU-passported feeder will unlock your fund

LPs are facing fines for using old methods of Reverse Solicitation when marketing Alternatives funds'. We alleviate that risk that by giving you the Regulatory pass to speak to LPs and distribute marketing material.

The Stack

Automated Feeders

We automate the set up of the Feeder that will set your investor relations free from geographical constraints. You can keep track of capital calls, distributions, fees, NAVs and performance from one platform

The community

GPs without borders

The EU is tightening its belt on foreign private markets funds, with members states adopting their own interpretation of the AIFMD challenging domestic funds too. We help you navigate through the labyrinth with our structure that lets you raise from any Member State, while feeding back into Master at home

Our Clients

Investment platform


Institutionalise your VC fund with an EU-passported Feeder fund. Professionalise your fund operations and grow your AUM. We handle the structuring and admin so you can focus on dealflow.

Private Equity Managers

Private Equity Managers

Whether its LBOs, growth or secondaries, we help mid-sized PE funds structure and administer for less. Our investor relations suite lets you close your fund without regulatory risk and legal fees.

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31 August, 2021

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27 August, 2021

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Press release Finlight announces partnership with Arkhineo

09 June, 2021

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