Empowering investors

Simplify your workflow and create optimum portfolios by harnessing the power of peers, human experience and artificial intelligence to turn investment reporting and statements into forward looking analytics, stress scenarios and peer comparisons.


Measure your total asset values across
all financial and non financial holdings


Assess your strategies probability of
attaining your goals


Allowing you to look into the future
behaviour of your portfolio

360 ° view of your
assets and risks

We work with family offices, high-net-worth individuals and pension funds to deliver their ideal investment management dashboard. With our decades of family offices and pension fund experience, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. So we combine consultancy with our proprietary dashboard technology to create tools fit for tomorrow’s asset management.

Monitor what matters to you

Our AI due diligence bot assists you in selecting and monitoring internal and external asset managers quality.

Save on fees

Enables economies of scale & reduces management costs.

More knowledge

Learn from our community of peers, market-leading partners and vetted experts.

By family offices for family offices

We have created this platform to solve the issues we were faced with while working in family offices’.

Our customers

Private investors & Family offices
Get the true fiduciary protection that you
Pension funds & institutional investors
Greater transparency for the best
interests of your beneficiaries

Everything in one place

Finlight gives you the tools you need to run accurate forecasting, simplify workflows and the ability to create optimally tailored portfolios


" It’s important to me that the Finlight team have come from the single family office world. As such, they have - unlike others - hands-on experience, and understanding, of our daily investment management challenges.

Their systematic approach to measurement and simulation of risk has been endorsed by a professor at the University of Louvain, who validated the competence of the team and their approach. "

" Finlight extracts and aggregates the relevant information for better risk allocation and improved performance. "

" It allows me to check if my external fund managers are working to the best of their abilities. The pressure is on! "

" This product enables greater customisation for the upcoming generation of principals of single family offices. "