Your virtual research analyst

for family officers, by family officers 


Our partners

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Focus on your core talents

We understand. There’s the data from a myriad of providers, consultants, private banks and brokers plus the many portfolio tools. Nothing integrates with each other. All are provided by commercial providers with - of course - a vested interest. Our AI platform brings these disparate sources into one software application that enables family offices to manage information, research investments, control risks and provide reporting all in one place. Saving time and money.  Delivering market transparency, data integrity and peace of mind.


Solving key challenges

As family officers ourselves, we felt the burden of operational tasks distracting us from our core role. So we decided to use industry know how and technology to build Finlight to address family offices’ issues.



Robust reporting brings fresh insight

There’s no tool that meets the reporting needs of family offices. Until now. Our reporting is simple to use but sophisticated - drawing together both data from your own funds and those from external providers. No more onerous compiling of spreadsheets. Providing true performance analysis and benchmarking that is vital for intelligent planning.



Stronger together

We’ve built an interactive tool that fosters alignment between principals in the same family. Our virtual peer network enables discussion between family officers across the world. To provide specialist advice to meet your particular needs, we’ve partnered with sector experts. We also have the backing of the Family Office Council. This spirit of collaboration is at the heart of Finlight.  

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Data integrity

Quality in, quality out.

Your decisions are only as good as the information on which they are based on. We’re independent - not allied to any one commercial provider - so the data is unbiased. Information asymmetry is addressed, and you can be confident your investments are founded upon data transparency and integrity.



In safe hands

We use Swiss datacentres that are FINMA-certified ensuring confidentiality and security.  We can meet the data security needs required by any family office.


Risk management

Helping you minimise risk

By bringing new clarity, we ensure your investments remain under scrutiny. Market alerts sent directly to you, mean you can act to minimise downside risks and can profit from upsides. Keeping you protected, whatever the weather.  



Meet Alfred

He’s your friendly research analyst, in digital form. Powered by AI, he gathers information to perform due diligence. Ask him about your portfolio and asset allocation, he’s on it. He scans the market, sending you alerts. Alfred - and you - won’t miss a thing. Leaving you to focus on your core job of using your investment expertise to make decisions. So the family officer’s virtual research analyst is also the family officer’s best friend.