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The Family Officer’s
Best Friend
The diligent tool to serve unique investors

As diligent family officers, you would agree you face the same challenges:

  • Find reliable partners and team members,
  • Get principals aligned around investment strategies,
  • Access to the right information at the right time,
  • Deploy the right models to protect capital.

This is what we solve.

We turn technology to your advantage so that you are no longer forced into technological choices that are not adequately suited to your business model and operational requirements.

Designed by family officers for family officers, our platform is your only one-stop place to:

  • Design bespoke portfolios as per principals’ personal utility function and objectives,
  • Control and protect portfolios to preserve and grow capital effectively,
  • Filter, research and monitor investment managers to support your due diligence,
  • Access recommended and vetted experts by our community of family officers.

Put simply, Finlight is your reliable virtual analyst that supports your investment process.

Your Benefits

You regain control over:

  • Time and workload without depending on new hires or anyone else,
  • Technology to access reliable information and manage different Principals' requests,
  • Profitability as it positively impacts your staff requirements and needs for consultants,
  • Investment providers as you know them better than they think you do.

As family officers ourselves, we are here to help you get the right data to make the right decision at the right time to minimise downside risks while increasing the probability of capturing upsides.

To achieve that, we do two things for you:

  • Free you from the unpleasantly cumbersome, low value tasks your decision process requires to deliver the value your Principals request,
  • Provide the suite of tools that supports your dialogue with both Principals and Asset Managers.

We make this happen by taking care of:

  • Aggregating scattered information from the so many research platforms,
  • Consolidating heterogenous reporting into live 360 degrees view at your fingertips,
  • Maintaining forward looking analytical tools to improve capital growth and preservation,
  • Turning investment managers data into proactive forensic that supports your due diligence,
  • Curating a network of recommended experts to answer any ad hoc questions you may have.

Finlight conditions of use ltd trading under Finlight is a software editor specialised in serving professional clients. Retail clients may not rely on the information within.

How does it work

Our AI-based technology is organised around the 3 key steps of diligent investment planning:

  • Financial planning to derive the right risk budget and asset allocation,
  • Manager research to pick the right partners for the right goal,
  • Portfolio analysis and insurance mechanism to better protect capital.

Each of the module can be accessed independently or reorganised in sequences that best reflect your investment process.

The financial planning tool enables you to analyse each principal’s asset-liabilities and life-stage to calculate each one's optimal risk budget: where one's utility function and a customised efficiency frontier made of as many assets and currencies as needed. This allows for a very personalised asset allocation that is best suited to each principal’s personal situation and requirements.

The manager selection module enables you to filter all eligible investment managers that match your specific criteria such as ESG, liquidity, performance consistency, rating, etc. This is reinforced by a due diligence bot that analyses all static legal documents (Prospectus, KiiD, DDQ) and dynamic data (NAV changes, newsflows, social footprint…) to flag potential issues and manage alerts that support your managers due diligence and monitoring.

The portfolio control features enable you to analyse portfolio performance and risk consistency per principal or overall; per manager, style or asset classes… You decide! Furthermore, it can alert you when to rebalance to keep risk profile constants, lower them or protect up to 75% of the portfolios’ best performance.

Any question? Ask our vetted experts. First question on us.

Other sources of inspiration

We are a team of veteran family officers and asset managers spanning more than 80 years of experience among a team of 5. Finlight was co-founded by:

- JB Tanqueray (CEO), has been managing family offices since 2007. Before then, he was an institutional fund of hedge funds manager at Fortis Investments (2003-2007), a fund rating associates at Fitch (2000-2002) and a fixed income derivatives risk manager at Citibank (1997-2000). He graduated with a MA in Finance from ESSCA (Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers), M.Phil in International Finance and Macroeconomics from Paris 9 Dauphine and a MBA from the London Business School.

- Yves Coignard (CSO/CTO), graduated with a MSc in Statistics from French elite school ENSAE and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Paris 6, where he actively researched frequency based decision-making models. As such he was among those who looked at machine learning and artificial intelligence in the early 1990s. He joined French asset manager CLAM as Head of Product Engineering (199-2003) before becoming Amundi’s Equity CIO (2003-2005). He joined Lehman Brothers as Deputy Head of Quant Asset Management (2006-2009) then created a consultancy (2009-2011) and joined his own volatility arbitrage hedge fund (2011-2015).

The world of asset-owners is underserved because of the current market legacy structures.

  • Bank-centric, it is centred around product manufacturers and distributors, which creates information asymmetries that may lead to inefficient decisions.
  • It is a very fragmented market-place, which makes product sourcing and information management far more complex. This accrues adverse selection risks and opportunity costs. No allocator can thoroughly looks at everything at the same time.
  • All IT tools such as Bloomberg, Barra… or back office solutions like StatPro are geared for major financial services players with substantial IT budgets and manpower.

The two together therefore can lead to adverse decisions, which deplete the capital productive economies requires to function well. How can one preserve and grow capital if such benefits are spent on a complex and inefficient information chain.

This is why we are fully focused on deploying technological advances to enhance the quality of allocators’ decision-making processes. Better invested money leads to better functioning economies, something a peaceful world needs to exist.

We are solving this problem by creating a one-stop expert centres that researches and aggregates best-in class tools, technologies and reliable information sources to bring vital knowledge back to allocators to augment the research power.

Such tools support family officers through each step of the investment decision process:

  • Risk budgeting with an Asset-liabilities analysis tool
  • Asset-Allocation research with a robust risk premia statistical database
  • Managers due diligence with a tool that analyses managers data to flag potential issues and create alerts.
  • Portfolio control with a portfolio insurance functionality

Put simply, is geared to savvy family officers who are careful about:

  • Retaining control because they no longer depend on product distributors to access information,
  • Remaining agile because of its plug-and-play features,
  • Managing resources efficiently because they can now minimise their IT budget without compromising on tools quality. has created Alfred, the first family officer's virtual analyst.

Alfred frees family officers from the time-consuming, routine tasks of collating scattered data and information needed to make better informed investment decisions.

Whether a family officer is looking for a second opinion, to check the quality of an investment manager or looking to build a new strategy, Alfred automates the support required to minimise downside risks.

Family officers may also combine each feature in any way that best supports their investment process.

Finally, Alfred facilitates family officers’ access to expertise they need on an ad-hoc basis by facilitating communication among community members as well as by listing well-referenced independent experts spanning all areas from legal experts to asset class experts through deal experts…

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